Top 10 Tips for Business Blogging Success

Business blogging is a reliable and efficient way to help drive traffic to your website, engage with potential new leads, and retain current customers or clients. Business blogging can also become a successful marketing tool on its own. By implementing an inbound marketing strategy to your blog, you can take what was once an average blog and transform it into a marketing machine. With some simple tips and tricks, you can start to make changes to your existing blog or activate them when you set up a new blog. We’ve curated ten top tips that will teach you how to optimise posts to generate visitors, and guarantee you rewarding results.

1.Provide engaging and compelling content

Content should be a strong part of your overall marketing strategy, as it’s the beginning of a customer’s journey. By providing your audience with the right content, you’ll start to see their interest in your product or service grow.

2. Attract with titles and meta descriptions It’s all in the description. Think of your titles and meta descriptions as the bio that you would write on a dating site; it needs to catch their eye and give them all the good bits, but leave them wanting to know more.

3. Blog as often as you want to be found Consistency is important when you’re blogging to ensure your name is becoming recognised with the topic you’re talking about. The best way to do so is to blog as many times as you’d like to be found online.

4. Create a discussion by asking for comments and opinions Nothing works quite as well as engagement does, so you should utilise this to the best of your abilities. Write about subjects that create a response from your audience, that way you can ask for comments and opinions to spark conversations and debates.

5. Utilise images, videos and graphs Words are great for conveying information and stories, but a bulk of text can feel tedious to read, especially when it looks like it will take someone an hour to find what they’re after. You can use different types of media to make your blogs more interesting.

6. Promote and share through social media Social media is a great place to distribute your content and get other people sharing it. When posting on your social channels, make sure your introduction text is tailored to the platform, and remember those questions & comments to make blogs share worthy.

7. Make it easy to read Depending on your target audience, it’s always a good idea to make your blog posts easy to read so someone reading it doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Use the correct language for who you want to read your piece, and keep posts on the shorter side.

8. Try something different with your blog posts If you’re always writing the same type of blog posts, and they are working, then keep on doing what you’re doing. However, if you’re not seeing any visitors to them, then it’s worth you trying a different type of blog post, which may be more engaging.

9. Optimise for search engine When writing your business blog post, keep in mind your key words and phrases so that you can use them throughout. Don’t use them unnaturally as search engines recognise this as spam, instead try to include them within the natural flow of the copy.

10. Measure results and make improvements Finally, continuously measure the results you’re getting from your blog posts - which were the most popular? Where has the traffic come from? Where did the traffic go to? From these results you can make improvements to your business blog, and continue expanding your company.

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