Five Marketing Results You Should Be Reporting

Whether you’re a Marketing Manager or outsourcing your marketing, you need to be able to provide your company with results that show your marketing efforts are providing value and making an impact. To do this, results on progress need to be reported in order for your company to see the difference you or the marketing agency are making. To show the power of marketing on sales and growth, you need to report the results of five key areas. These specifics are the foundations of growing a business and leading the way to success. Do you know what the five inbound marketing results are? You soon will, as they are key performance indicators that provide results about how marketing is significantly contributing to the company’s development. If you have outsourced your marketing, they will provide you with regular reports. Here are the five results to report and why you need to do so.

Traffic Traffic is that starting point of the buying journey. When potential leads start their journey, they begin from being attracted to your product or service. Your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website, which can be done through the use of content, social media, emails, advertisements, content and more. If someone has engaged with your attraction method in some form, they become a potential lead. Generating traffic is the initial step to developing leads, which is a vital part of growing your customer base. The results of your traffic will show whether or not your first marketing efforts are working, and where you can make improvements.

Leads Visitors to your site only become leads once they have shown some form of interest in something you have to offer, therefore you need to make sure your website is working in terms of converting traffic into leads. If you’re seeing high traffic results but low lead results, then you need to change your website’s design, content or navigation. Once you had those leads, you are presented with the opportunity to start nurturing them towards becoming a customer. This process is constant, but it is help and gentle and guides them towards a sale, rather than pushing. Through this process, you will gather qualified leads, who can continue to nurture until they are ready to be passed on to the sales department. Reporting these results will show what type of leads you’re generating, whether they’re qualified, how long the nurturing process takes and what issues you may encounter. Consistently reporting on the results will provide an accurate insight into what steps need to be taken in order to convert visitors into qualified leads and sales. Customers Visitors and leads are vital to your business, but customers bring you revenue and profit - that’s why you need to nurture, nurture and nurture some more. Once you have secured a sale, it doesn’t mean you can forget about that customer - they have just become even more important to your business. Ensuring customers are delighted and retaining their custom is a key component to creating a great experience for the buyer. If results show customers have made a purchase and are unhappy, you should follow up with them and see what you can do to get them to come back to you. Retention is more credible than gaining new customers - keeping existing customers shows you are a trustworthy, loyal and incredible company to buy from - so much so, people keep coming back! Reporting these results will show your buying process is working, and that you’re also providing outstanding customer service to always ensure the your customers are happy.

Promoters You can spend an inordinate amount of time promoting your company, but who are the best people to promote your business? Customers! They have already been attracted, nurtured and made a purchase with you, therefore they are your most credible and reliable promoters. If you were a restaurant giving a review about the food you produce, of course you’re going to say it’s great - it’s your business. Diners would give an honest and unbiased review, and if it were good, they’d bring along their friends creating more customers for your company. By making sure your customers are delighted with the service or product you’ve provided, they will become your promoters. By reporting the results of word of mouth and referrals, you’ll be able to focus on what worked well and continue doing so to ensure all visitors eventually become promoters.

Measure, analyse and report Finally, you should report the measurements and analysations of everything that your do in your marketing. When you are measuring, you should take note of various contributing factors that determine your audience, for example who are they, what do they do, their company, their interests and demographics. You should also measure how many, the nurturing process, engagement, sources, responses, times, interest and fit, alongside a few others. These aspects contribute to whether or not you will generate a sale from a visitor. By measuring and analysing the results from your marketing, from views on your blog to eBook downloads, you can carefully monitor your results to amend your efforts to improve and grow. In reporting back to your company, everyone can work together in order to achieve the desired results.

Conclusion These five marketing aspects are crucial to ensuring your company drives sales to generate revenue and profit. If you’re outsourcing your marketing, you should expect to see weekly or monthly, dependent on your requirements, reports that include these areas. If you continue to measure, analyse and report your results from each action you implement, there will be rewarding achievements. Reporting will not only help you to develop ongoing strategies, but also measure progress. Digital marketing will provide your company with real results that deliver and contribute to growing the business.

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