An Introduction to Lead Generation

Generating leads is vital to sustaining your business and ensuring you see a return on investments. But how can you generate more leads from your marketing efforts? There are certain strategies that will show you exactly how to utilise your website and digital marketing to entice visitors to convert into leads. However, in order to achieve your goals, you need to fully understand what a lead is and how to effectively put in place a conversion process.

What is a lead?

A lead is someone who has shown some form of interest in your company's product or service, before you've started to engage with them. Think of it as the opposite of the cold calls we all receive day to day. When someone calls you unexpectedly at an often inconvenient time asking if you’re interested in their services, we tend to decline the offer. Why? Because rather than feeling like you’ve made an independent decision to purchase, you feel pressured. It would feel far less forceful if a company that you were interested in, called to ask if you needed more information on a subject you’d recently read about on their website. If they did, you might actually stop and listen to them.

By providing content that naturally brings a potential customer to you, they feel they have started the relationship, which is a beneficial situation for you and the customer. Once you have seen the initial interest, you can begin to nurture them and guide them their the buying path.

Engage and inspire

Through the use of your digital marketing efforts you can bring leads to you, which means supplying them with relevant information. Once they have engaged with this information, they have suggested to you that they are potentially interested in your product or service. You can create engaging and compelling content that you can share through your website, blog or on social media, which will draw those interested to see what you can offer them.

Content is vital to attracting visitors to your website, which is the starting point of the buying journey, one that you will gently guide them through step by step. You’re providing inspiring information related to your product or service, therefore those who interact with that information are most likely to be interested in making a purchase at some point, but you need to help them get there gradually.

Nurturing your leads

From your website, blog or social media channels, you should include a Call-to-Action, which provides them with the next step in your process. Depending where they are in their journey, will determine where you will be directing their attention to. If they are still near the beginning of their journey, you may want to attract them to a blog post on your site from Facebook, which gives more information about a relevant topic. If they are further on in the journey, you might want to send them directly to a landing page that gives more details on your product and then from there, will take them to a purchase page. To obtain their details, you need them to happily enter some information e.g. name, job title and email address - this could be through signing up for a newsletter or to download an eBook. Once you have those details, you have gained a lead! From there you can begin to nurture, offering more tailored content over a period of time until they are ready to be passed on to your sales department, where they will close the deal.

This process of inbound and digital marketing means that rather than pestering people with no interest in your product or service, you’re providing helpful and useful knowledge through content, and allowing customers to come to you. By implementing an inbound marketing strategy into your digital marketing, you will successfully generate qualified leads. Qualified leads have a good fit (they fall within the description of your ideal customer) and high interest, and will therefore end in a sale.


Consumers have all the power, so leave it in their hands but guide them in the right direction with helpful information and steps for them to take. None of us enjoy being bombarded by companies that we have no interest in, and it doesn’t help the company either. By using these marketing techniques to create alluring content, customers will come to you and then you can nurture them until you have a qualified lead to pass on to sales.

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