Digital Marketing and Email Marketing for small businesses

Email Marketing

The past was about that all important open rate, but the future is all about those click through rates. How many times have you opened an email expecting something amazing and been left disappointed? Too many to count. Engaging with your existing customers & new leads is all about giving them a pleasant hook, with a juicy fish at the end of it.

The content of your Email Marketing should always make your leads curious and surprised
We love Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing

All we need from you is a little information about your audience and what they like, then we’ll make sure that they love every email they receive from your company. By tailoring content and using A/B testing, we can craft engaging emails, which will be sure to drive new sales and delight your current customers.

Emails don’t have to seem needy, they can be exactly what everyone wants when they open their inbox; something exciting.