Who are we?

EZ Digital Media - Emanuele Bellini - Business Director, Executive, Social Media Marketing

Emanuele Bellini

(Co-founder / Business Director)


With a background in management, sales, customer service, social media & marketing, Emanuele knows just how to tailor strategies that go hand-in-hand with sales goals and providing people with unforgettable experiences. Management is more than just telling others what to do, it’s about leading a team to achieve great things together, and making sure organisation is at the heart of everything. 

EZ Digital Media - Zoë Rose Smith - Creative Director, Executive, Social Media Marketing

Zoë Rose Smith

(Co-founder / Creative Director)


Having worked in the marketing, journalism and customer service fields, Zoe can craft captivating content that incorporates both story-telling with the technical aspects of marketing such as SEO, to give you exactly what you need. As a certified wordsmith and with knowledge as a social media editor, you can be sure that nothing mediocre will be produced, meaning every post will be as exceptional as the last.

As a company, you want to know exactly who you’re dealing with, and putting a face to a name is much nicer than putting your trust in just another company. We believe that small businesses work best when paired with like-minded professionals.

There’s nothing we love more than teamwork, and that’s why we want you to know who we are and what our values are. Experience and knowledge are important, but a personal touch means that we can work closely with you to achieve success, because we care not only about understanding your business needs, but also the culture we create together.

We’ve handpicked the best of the best in every media motive, to form a modest yet motivated team that can make anything possible.